About Iron Valley™

Since our beginning in 1923, Iron Valley has grown rapidly and successfully into one of the nation's largest distributors of many hunting and shooting lines. We are a top-tier customer of Remington, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Browning, Leupold and many other quality manufacturers of shooting sports equipment.

Iron Valley focuses its efforts toward the independent stocking dealer who is fully committed to the shooting industry. We recognize that if our industry is to survive and prosper in the future, the independent stocking dealer will continue to be a keystone of Iron Valley's and the industry's success. It is with this in mind that Iron Valley has placed great emphasis on building our organization to effectively meet the needs of these retailers.

Iron Valley customers benefit from our hiring people with substantial experience in the industry, both at the retail and the distributor level. The retail experience alone of our sales staff approaches 100 years. Consequently, they can understand and empathize with the challenges the retailer faces in addition to providing a thorough understanding of the product.

The challenges ahead for all of us make it imperative that we continue to develop more tools to help our customer and our sales staff be more effective. Our company and its people will aggressively pursue that unending goal.