Bangers is now iron valley

Iron Valley Forest Sunrise

What does that mean for me?

More. Of Everything.

More inventory.

More brands.

More shipping speed.

More technology.

More growth for your business.

How is Iron Valley Supply Co. different?

We've taken the best parts of Bangers USA and used them to create Iron Valley Supply Co. As a dealer, you will experience more ways to grow your business and better tools to help you engage with your most passionate customers. 

The goal is to work together on this journey to build a better, more modern and stronger future. With additional staff, better access and more ways to communicate, we're re-doubling our efforts to be there for you whenever you need us along the way.

Is there anything I need to do right now?

Order as you normally do.

Whether you order online or work with your Account Manager, you can continue as usual. Soon, we'll be adding new, more efficient tools and services to make your life a little simpler. But don't worry, your Account Manager will always be there to help along the way.

Update your contact info.

Log in to with your log in and make sure your contact information is up to date. That way you'll have first access to Iron Valley Supply Co. news and special offers you won't want to miss.

Watch your email and mailbox.

As we add new tools and features, we'll let you know how you can use them to help your business. We're excited to have you on this journey with us.

Iron Valley Forest Sunrise
Iron Valley Forest Sunrise

Is this just a name change? What's really going on?

We believe it's our job to help your business be more successful, so we've looked at every part of our operation with that in mind. We've made real investments in these areas:

Improved Shipping

Orders are being filled faster and being delivered faster. We know the products can't help your business until they arrive at your business. We've already made big improvements and we have no intention of stopping here.

More Inventory

We've added more space, upgraded facilities and added staff so we can handle more brands, more lines and more of what you want. We want Iron Valley Supply Co. to be your first choice.

Better Service

We've brought on more sales staff to help you person-to-person, but we're also reinventing our online ordering system to make it faster, easier and more convenient. Ask us about automating your orders by integrating directly with your store's systems.

What about payment terms, orders and account information?

Nothing changes. Everything that was set up with Bangers USA automatically transfers to Iron Valley Supply Co. And you'll automatically benefit from system-wide improvements in inventory, communication and shipping.

What's new that will help my business?

We're building a state of the art studio in our facility to bring you information you simply can't get anywhere else. We'll be hosting representatives from manufacturers to demonstrate the latest in new products your customers will be excited about and looking for. Plus, we'll be sharing training and best practices to help you maximize sales. We're here to help and this is one way we're proving it.

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Why Iron Valley Supply Co., what does that mean?

We're proud of our home in Birmingham, Alabama, one of the few places in the world where all the elements to make iron are found together. This geographical crossroads represents strength, independence and recalls the courage of the people who worked as one to tame this great land we call America.

The valley brings us all together where we celebrate the adventure culture that makes our lives so rich. With friends, family and sometimes alone, we embrace and enjoy this lifestyle.

For nearly 100 years, Bangers USA, and now Iron Valley Supply Co., is the Adventure Culture's Storehouse. We're ready for the next 100 years of great adventures.